Serving the financial needs of the poor, low-middle income and unbanked communities can finally be profitable.    "ATM in your Pocket" reduces 1) banks’ new customer acquisition costs and barriers, 2) the financial and tech barriers that deprive poor and tech-challenged people of the benefits of electronic payments and 3) uniquely monetizes otherwise "dark" cash payments..

 Watch:   Delightful, easy and straightforward to use


Watch unedited video of a 1CASH Payer withdraw $100 from his account and receive a cash code in seconds .

Universal ATM-like user steps - regardless of device

No apps, no Internet, no bank/card accounts - using ANY phone 

hand signs 2.png

Users can pay and get paid digital cash codes directly - using their preferred communications channel - even by hand signals



(for banks, cards, payments, money transfer services)

  • Low-cost customer acquisition

  • Real-time ID-free payments

  • Capture unbanked/cash users market

  • Widest "ATM-in-your-Pocket" reach

  • Competitive advantage 

  • Monetize otherwise "dark" cash payments outside of banks


(for non-banks, businesses, communities, governments, clubs, campuses, etc)

  • Self-generating fundraising tool

  • Drive Profits

  • Share of $4.3 trillion Epayments pie

  • Monetize otherwise "dark" cash payments outside of banks

BENEFITS for Users and Merchants:
  • True A2A direct pay
  • Real-time funds (no ACH)
  • Convenient (Use from ANY phone)
  • Hassle-free (5 seconds) signup