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In spite of cash's age, risks to users, and inconvenient payment form, cash represents roughly 31% of consumer transactions in USA - CNBC - August 2018.  

There are over 120 different and fragmented digital payment solutions from over  12,000 US banks/FIs competing to serve the same 255 million banked Americans. As far as we know, 1CASH is the only digital cash platform around and that it uniquely unites the 330 million US cash users (both unbanked and banked) under one widest-available and "Inclusive-As-Cash" digital payment solution

Market Size:

Americans made  5.1 billion/year ATM cash withdrawals as per 2019 FEDs study. 1CASH anticipates a substantial portion, if not most of these, to switch to 1CASH's safer and more convenient "ATM in Your Pocket " once available in the market.

1CASH takes the form of prepaid (stored value) accounts to ride the growing popularity of prepaid card usage in USA as reported above


What Problems does 1CASH solve and for WHOM?

  • Existing bank/card payments are not financially-inclusive. 1.7 Billion adults are still unbanked and still unserved by the bank/card industry, 55 million are un/underbanked in the USA alone.

  • Existing services are not widely available. eCommerce is booming but 4+ Billion people still have no internet access making online/mobile bank/card apps useless.

  • Cash may be financially-inclusive and widely-available but cash transactions are risky, inconvenient and next to impossible to track. In 2018 USA has an estimated $2.3 Trillion in cash (shadow) economy resulting in an estimated $450 Billion/yr in uncollected income tax for IRS.

  • Due to the Covid-19's havoc wreaked on governments and economies, tens of thousands of cities, local governments and communities need an alternative and faster revenue-generating solutions. With Federal Aid in limbo, they will again look into higher taxes, more debts, layoffs, and/or reduced city services - meaning at the expense of the local residents again.  (See "Why not self-generate your own recurring revenues  for Cities)