Chart your own financial future. Self-generate your own recurring payment revenues from something that your people already do - paying and getting paid 72 times/mo on average* 

*Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. 2018 US Consumer Payment Study.

Estimated fees traditional bank/card giants could collect based on a city with 337,731 adult residents spending $3.4 billion/year on local merchants. Please click on this link to estimate your own potential revenues as a 1CASH ISSUER  


  • Banks, non-banks,

  • private, public entities, businesses,

  • cities, States, LGUs,

  • churches, merchants, political, social/civic clubs, communities, campuses, etc

  • payroll, social benefits distribution

SSA mails out over 6.5 million paper checks to social security recipients alone every year. Why not give them 1CASH accounts instead and earn payment fees from their 1CASH transactions?

 $Trillions in cash transactions around the globe occur outside of banks and the eCommerce world unmonetized - until 1CASH.